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Travel College Graduate

“I needed a career change and began exploring my options in the travel industry, due to my life-long love of travel. After researching several learning institutions I decided that Travel College Canada would be the best place to launch my new career…” – Kerrian Hoo-Fong

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Future of the Travel and Tourism Industry

Did you know 10% of the entire Global workforce is employed in tourism? Many countries are experiencing a shortage of trained, knowledgeable travel professionals due to the industry’s rapid growth, which makes training for the travel and tourism industry a great career choice. Please click here to read more.

Advantages of Studying at Travel College Canada

Travel College Canada is a unique “Boutique” private career college with over 25 years in business. The college is registered and approved as a Private Career College under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005 by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development (MAESD).

At Travel College Canada, we care about your education and your future. As specialists in adult education, we understand individuals learn differently, so we apply a variety of teaching techniques to meet the needs of individual learners. Our classes are a blending of theory, interactive learning, and exploratory research, which helps to engage and inspire students to succeed with confidence.

Graduate employment rate at Travel College Canada is consistently in the high 90%. This may be attributed to our well-nurtured, professional relationships with a wide variety of reputable, fine employers.


Our diploma programs are endorsed by the Association of Canadian Travel Agencies (ACTA), the national association that certifies and designates travel professionals across Canada. Graduates receive credits toward the professional designations CTC (Certified Travel Counsellor), and CTM (Certified Travel Manager) recognized by employers locally and abroad. 

To maximize employment opportunities and ensure job readiness, we provide many additional services for students free of charge.

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TICO Pre Exam Prep Course and Proctoring

Next available date: Thursday, April 26. Register today to best prepare to write the TICO exam.

Our TICO Pre Exam Prep Course is specially designed with real business examples to help the participant best understand content in the TICO Study Manual. It is in the understanding – not memorizing – that helps with retention of information to help the participant best prepare to write the exam successfully.

Important: If you would like your exam proctored, email info@travelcollege.ca or call 416.481.2265 to confirm a date and time with the proctor before registering with TICO for your exam

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Our sincere thanks to previous participants for sharing their training experience with us

“I had a great time at the TICO Pre Prep Course, the trainer Louise Blazik was knowledgeable on the subject; the content was well organized and easy to follow. The overall training session was fun, engaging, and excellent.”– Christopher

“Thanks to you, I passed the TICO Travel Counsellor exam and am now eligible to sell travel in Ontario. I felt so confident in your program that I completed the exam literally in 20 minutes and passed! The knowledge was so vital in the exam, but also vital in knowing why we have TICO and how to sell travel right.” – Paul Cadiente

“Louise, I just wanted to personally inform you of the great response my travel agents had after your specially designed TICO prep course. I have arranged many classes over the years and my agents mentioned they have never experienced such professionalism. They truly appreciated the way in which everything was organized and most importantly the way in which the classes were delivered.” – Gary Unsworth