International Tourism Management Diploma

About the Program

This comprehensive program includes a blending of carefully selected travel and tourism courses and a good overview of the four core competencies in the Business Management program. 

Curriculum includes both International and Canadian content. Classroom instruction is enriched by research assignments, field trips, guest speakers, and industry events (when available).

Classes are a blending of Canadian and International Students which creates an amazing cultural experience for all. The learning environment encourages students to interact with others, which is especially helpful to those with English as a Second Language as it develops their conversational English skills and self-confidence. To maximize the benefits of the program, students should set high standards and be dedicated to personal and professional success.

The program is endorsed by the Association of Canadian Travel Agencies (ACTA); thus, graduates are granted educational credits from ACTA towards prestigious national travel industry professional designations, such as CTC (Certified Travel Counsellor) and CTM (Certified Travel Manager).

As class sizes are small to allow for personalized attention, early registration is encouraged. International Students and Second Career applicants should allow extra time for processing.

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Study Options & Program Fees

Travel College Canada offers various study options to suit the lifestyles of our diverse student population. You can fast track your education and graduate with a post-secondary diploma in as little as 5 months; take up to 52 weeks with our Distance Education (home study) option; or consider the longer 2-years full time classes (depending on the program of choice).

This is an 800 hour training program available in a choice of four study options. Program content, assignments, and tests are the same for all four options, so there is no compromising on quality and value.

3. Distance Education / Online:

Duration: 52 Weeks (1 year)

Schedule: Recommended average weekly study time: 15 hours.

Program Fees:

Domestic Student Tuition: C$6540.00 +
Books & Materials C$1175.00 +
Application/Assessment: C$250.00

Domestic Student Total: C$7,965.00

International Student Fee: C$2750.00

International Student Total: C$10,715.00

Tuition includes high value extras at no additional cost, scroll down to Special Features section.

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4. New: International Tourism Management – Two-year Program

This program is perfect for International Students who wish to study and experience living in Canada for two years.

Duration: 2 years (104 weeks; 12 hours per week) – 800 Training hours

Program Fees – International Students:

Tuition: C$8540.00
Books & Materials: C$1275.00
Application/Assessment: C$250.00

International Student Fee: C$17,460.00

International Student Total: C$27,525.00

International Student Fee also includes:

  1. Group tutoring as scheduled
  2. Referrals to:

– Medical, health, & dental clinics

– Major banks which can help establish credit in Canada

– Other non-academic services as needed

  1. City map and a list of major attractions in Toronto
  2. TTC (Toronto Transit) Map showing bus and subway routes

During summer/winter breaks & non-class days, the student may have opportunity to add optional short certificate programs, such as:

Please visit International Students page for information 

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TRA101 A: Travel & Tourism Fundamentals

Topics Include:

  • Intro to Leisure (Vacation) and Corporate (Business) Travel
  • Travel Associations, and Organizations Worldwide
  • Understanding Industry Codes, Terms and Definitions
  • Travel Industry Law including TICO
  • Travel Insurance

TRA101 B: Travel & Tourism Essentials

Topics Include:

  • Types of Accommodations (Hotels and Resorts) Worldwide
  • Organized or Escorted Tours (locally and abroad)
  • Cruise Lines/Ships and Destinations & other Sea Transportation
  • Rail Travel including Special Rail Journeys Around the World
  • How to Recommend, Sell, and Book the Right Product for the Right Client

TRA102 A: Tourism Geography – Global Overview & Travel Documentation

Topics Include:

  • World Overview including Continents, Hemispheres and Climate
  • Time Zones and International Date Line
  • Highlights of the World
  • Travel Documentation/Entry Requirements & Departure Taxes
  • Import and Export Restrictions

TRA102 B: World Destinations – North and South America

Topics Include:

  • Canada, the United States, Mexico, Caribbean, Central & South America
  • Provinces, Territories, States, Capitals and Major Cities
  • Official Carriers (Airlines), Languages and Overview of Governments
  • Major Tourist Attractions and Highlights
  • Climate and Best Time of Year to Travel
  • Travel Tips, and General Security Policies and Procedures

TRA102 C: World Destinations Europe and Africa

Topics Include:

  • Europe and Major Countries in Africa
  • Capitals and Major Cities
  • Official Carriers (Airlines), Languages and Overview of Governments
  • Major Tourist Attractions and Highlights
  • Climate and Best Time of Year to Travel
  • Travel Tips, and General Security Policies and Procedures

TRA102 D: World Destinations Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Oceania

Topics Include:

  • India, Asia, South Pacific Islands, Australia, and New Zealand
  • Capitals and Major Cities
  • Official Carriers (Airlines), Languages and Overview of Governments
  • Major Tourist Attractions and Highlights
  • Climate and Best Time of Year to Travel
  • Travel Tips, and General Security Policies and Procedures

TRA103: Professional Sales & Enhanced Customer Care

Topics Include:

  • How to Sell and Provide Excellence in Customer Care
  • Professional Personal and Telephone Etiquette & Skills
  • How to Develop More Self-confidence
  • Effective Public Speaking Techniques
  • Accessibility Training: Travellers with Special Needs
  • “Niche” (Specialty) Markets e.g. Adventure, Cruises, Luxury, Spas/Wellness, Destination Weddings & Honeymoons, Special Interest and Group Travel

TRA104 : Airline Industry, Fares & Ticketing 

The student will study the three IATA areas including:

  • Domestic (within Canada), Transborder (between Canada and USA) & International Zones
  • Worldwide Codes: Airlines, Countries, Cities and Airports
  • Understanding and Applying Best Fares, Applicable Taxes, Fees & Other Charges
  • Arranging Flight Itineraries, and How to Book Air Travel,
  • Passenger Services: Seat Selection, Special Meals & Accessibility
  • E-Ticketing

GDS 101: APOLLO™ /Galileo International Inc. ™

GDS (Global Distribution System) also known as CRS (Computer Reservations System): GDS is a network operated by a company that enables automate transactions between travel suppliers and booking agents.

Business Management Courses: Please click on the “Business Management Courses” tab above next to “Special Features”.

BUS101: How to Start & Manage a Small Business The student will learn about types of businesses, licensing, registration, bonding and insurance; and the option of specializing in a “niche” market and/or destinations e.g. Adventure travel, luxury, cruises, weddings, honeymoons, spas/wellness etc). Writing a Business Plan is a major assignment.

Those considering a career as a Home Based Travel Agent will be particularly interested in learning about some of the most well established Host Agencies and the importance of personal selection to maximize success.

BUS102: Financial Matters (Management) The student will learn about the accounting cycle including the flow of monies, and the importance of budgeting, planning and financial forecasting.

BUS103: Marketing, Advertising & Sales (Plans and Budgets) The student will learn various ways of promoting products and services and the importance of preparing Plans and Budgets to ensure success.

BUS104: Human Resources Management The student will learn about employment and labour laws; employer/employee rights and liabilities; employment contracts; how to search, interview and hire the best; and how to determine and write job descriptions.

Note: Each of the travel and tourism and business management courses may be taken separately if the student is, or has been in the travel industry and requires upgrading in a particular subject or is planning to write the exams as part of the requirement for the granting of the professional designation CTM (Certified Travel Manager).

Special Features at No Additional Cost 

To increase graduate career opportunities and ensure employment readiness, we are pleased to offer the following special features at no additional cost:

TICO Certification: As of July 1, 2009 those who sell, counsel or provide travel advice to consumers on behalf of Ontario travel companies must be certified by TICO (Travel Industry Council of Ontario).

We provide a Tico Pre Exam Prep Course and proctoring at no charge for students in our International Travel & Tourism and International Tourism Management Diploma Program. (Value $200.00) Note: The student pays the required on-line exam fee directly to CITC/TICO.

True Colors® is a psychology based self-assessment program which enables the participant to learn more about their temperament type. This helps increase self-confidence & self esteem essential to personal and professional success. (Value $350.00)

Additional E-Learning Online Training Courses: We are pleased to have built excellent working relationships with travel suppliers who allow us to offer our students “travel agent training courses” ranging from two to four hours. Upon successful completion, the student will earn a certificate provided by the travel supplier which helps increase job opportunities.

Career Planning Workshop & Job Search Assistance: The student will learn how to create effective resumes and cover letters; prepare for interviews and understand the job search process.

Field Trips & Guest Speakers (when scheduling permits): Value..Priceless

Popular Add-on Certificate Course, at a special rate for registered students

Microsoft Office Training: Word, Power Point & Excel. Inquire about special rates for registered students.