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What Our Graduates Say…


“Contemplating on which career path to pursue, I gave in and decided to follow my passion; traveling. I was in search for a Travel and Tourism school in Toronto that offered a diploma program in an intimate class setting, with a well rounded curriculum. Meeting Louise at Travel College Canada and taking a tour of the facility, I felt certain that the International Travel & Tourism program was what I was looking for. During the course of my program, I was taught everything I needed to know about the travel industry.

From Poland to the Czech Republic and all the way across to Japan, I made new friends with my classmates who have traveled from around the globe to study at Travel College Canada. Being in a multicultural environment, I learned about each student’s own unique culture.

I benefited from having extensively travelled teachers, which I gained insight on virtually every country in the world. With their extensive travel and work experience, I feel inspired by the faculty at Travel College Canada and confident to begin my career in the travel industry.” 

Gessica Kanellopouslos

“I found Travel College Canada after a long search… Prior to this, I had enjoyed a 20 year career as Tour Director with luxury cruise ships and had been to more than 90 countries and enjoyed every minute of it! A near fatal accident changed my life and when I thought I was ready, I chose to go back to school and Travel College Canada is where I landed – a perfect choice for me. The courses were incredible, helping me re-learn what I had forgotten, and stretching me at every turn: helping my memory with the stories when we discussed so many aspects of what this industry was about, and adding to my business knowledge through all the examples given in class.

The class size was ideal  for me – small, or rather ‘intimate’ I would prefer to call it, and this too helped me come out of my shell and learn to express myself again… My classmates were wonderful: patient with me and celebrating my successes along with theirs – it was a sad day when I had to say ‘goodbye’ to them and step out into the world. You see, I had to learn all this again and Louise – and her staff – helped me, through ‘blood, sweat and tears’ to graduate “With Honours” just over a year later… Not bad for someone who was told this could never happen.

I would strongly recommend Travel College Canada to anyone looking to enter the travel industry as they prepare you for so many opportunities. They are also kind and understanding, able to help and give support when the going gets tough – I experienced this ‘first hand’ with a medical emergency in the middle of my course. During our first meeting, we became Director and student, but by the end of my course, we were good Friends and this Friendship continues to this day! I am now the proud owner of Noble Destinations Worldwide, blending Wellness & Travel while helping clients achieve their goals and Wellness Travel Global, for medical travel and wellness destinations with partners in Europe and Asia.”

Robin Noble



“After I came back to Japan, I had some interviews with airlines, travel agencies, and hotels. And then, I got a job at a hotel, “Prince Hotel” in my city. They used to have a hotel in Toronto. I’ll start to work next April. I worry about working there, but I’m also very excited about it. I really appreciate your kindness in Toronto.”

Aki Nagasawa

“I needed a career change and began exploring my options in the travel industry, due to my life-long love of travel. After researching several learning institutions I decided that Travel College Canada would be the best place to launch my new career.The program was very comprehensive and offered a wealth of information and skills-training to prepare me for entry into the travel and tourism industry.

Louise and the entire staff were there every step of the way, from funding to learning to career-preparation. Before I had even finished the program, she helped me land a fantastic opportunity in the cruise industry.Following the completion of my program, with her help, I launched my new career at sea working with one of the largest retail companies in the cruise industry. Now my life is a working vacation. I meet thousands of people from around the world every week and get to explore wonderful cities and sights around the world.

So far I’ve hiked in Norway, visited the beautiful Azores, ate pizza in Napoli, be inspired by Florence, relaxed on the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, dined in the south of France, and explored Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Berlin, Bruges, Tallinn, Malaga, Lisbon, Gibraltar and St. Petersburg. I credit the entire staff and management at Travel College Canada for how I spend my days working or relaxing, wherever I am in the world, and for the amazing friends and colleagues I’ve met along the way.”

Kerrian Hoo-Fong


I’m very happy to write a note about my recent training experience at Travel College Canada. Recently I graduated with honours from the program of my choice – International Tourism Management which was amazing so I’m sending a big thank you.

My program was funded and I was happy they agreed to send me to the college of my choice, Travel College Canada. I completed my full time program in seven months which at my age is very much appreciated. As a single parent with family, mortgages and other responsibilities it was important that I be trained and ready for employment in my second career as quickly as possible. I looked into community colleges however a similar program would have taken almost two years as there are many non travel subjects.

As an adult returning to school I wasn’t sure what to expect so I felt a little overwhelmed at the beginning. However, when I met my classmates who were also adult students I immediately felt comfortable and knew I had made the right choice with a private career college designed for adult learners.The program and assignments were very comprehensive however I always managed to study and get my assignments done on time. When I had questions or needed a little extra help, my instructor and staff at the college were always available.

It was a huge bonus to learn Travel College Canada includes a TICO pre exam course to help prepare us to write the TICO exam for mandatory certification to work in the travel industry, after this I knew I was truly employment ready.


“I chose Travel College Canada because it provides small classrooms, personalized learning opportunities, and face time with instructors and guests who have extensive expertise in this industry. The program is concentrated, shorter than in a regular college, so it appealed to me as someone changing careers in mid-life who wanted to get a move on. However, I found no compromise in the curriculum, which is challenging and rewarding. My involvement with the college also led directly to my first job in my newly chosen field. What could be better than that?”

Susan Bridges McKay


“Louise is a very warm, approachable and extremely knowledgeable person. She has the capability to bring out the hidden/ suppressed  passion in you for travel. She knows how to keep a classroom going by mixing educational techniques with a fun quotient. It was an honour and pleasure to learn under her guidance. I would always recommend and thank Louise and Travel College Canada for enhancing my skills to become job ready.”

Raveena Lobo

“Recently I graduated from the Travel & Tourism Diploma Program at Canadian Centre for Skills Development &Travel College Canada. I really enjoyed the wide range of travel and tourism courses combined with valuable professional and personal life skills, and interactive format of the classes. Now, I am more confident about selling travel.

As an educator, writer, and social worker, I have traveled extensively across the globe to study, work, and vacation. It seemed an easy transition when I decided to make Travel and Tourism a second career. The program prepared me for TICO certification so I became motivated to truly pursue a career in Travel as a Home-based Travel Agent/Counselor. I express sincerest thanks to Louise – amazing teacher, and mentor.”

Agatha Mason

“Louise is a great leader with strong vision for her educational institution. She has provided exceptional guidance throughout my time at Travel College Canada and her extensive professional experience had immensely enriched my studies. She demonstrates genuine interest in the progress the students make at her facility and supports them even once they complete their studies. I highly recommend her institution to anyone who is looking to enter the field of Travel & Tourism as a great place to connect with other professionals and obtain formal education to enhance your career”

Konstantin Zlobine


“I was a past student at Travel College Canada. I found it a wonderful experience. I had just moved from northern BC to small town outside the greater Toronto area with my husband and 3 boys. It was a busy time and I was looking to start a new career. When I found the Travel College website and looked into, I found exactly what I was looking for. I could get my education from plus still look after my family. Louise and her staff were always available to answer phone calls or return emails. I don’t think I ever had to wait more than half a day to get a reply. I really felt like part of a big group. The assistance, support, and encouragement I received was more than I hoped for.”



“I don’t believe any other school would have been able to teach me what your school did! Marion and Louise’s enthusiasm is incredible. You are passionate about what you teach and really care that your students understand. It was a pleasure coming into class each day.

Determination and hard work earned me an honour grade and diploma in International Travel and Tourism. This course was perfect for me as a young adult who did not have two years to dedicate to classes. Your course allowed me the freedom to study and work while maintaining the lifestyle I had.

Yet you made it even better as with my diploma in hand, the same week I graduated I was hired as a full time travel agent, specializing in customizing tours to Australia, New Zealand, Europe and South Pacific. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without your help. I felt confident and well trained to handle my daily tasks which includes planning complex itineraries and accounting. Thank you, Cheers!”

Jenn Browne

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