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TICO (Travel Industry Council of Ontario)


As of July 1, 2009 those who sell, counsel or provide travel advice to consumers on behalf of Ontario travel companies must be certified by TICO (Travel Industry Council of Ontario).

Our Next Available TICO Pre Exam Prep Course is: Thursday, March 29th. Due to the popularity of our course, classes fill quickly, so register TODAY to ensure you are best prepared to write the TICO exam – certification is the Law.

IMPORTANT: When visiting our office to register and pay for our Pre Exam Prep Course, be sure to ask for a Parking Permit application (free) to be exchanged for a Permit to place on your dashboard if you plan to drive as there is a 3-hour parking limit at Lawrence Square after which cars are ticketed.

There is a choice of three certification exams:
1. Travel Counsellor
2. Supervisor/Manager
3. Combined Travel Counsellor and Supervisor/Manager 

To prepare for the exam of your choice visit the TICO website: www.tico.ca download a free copy of the TICO Education Standard Study Manual and print the Modules applicable to your choice of exam or a hard copy of the Manual may be ordered online at tico.ca for a nominal price.

For those attending our TICO Pre Exam Prep Course, please bring your Study Manual as it is referenced during our course.

Travel Companies: We are pleased to provide on and off-site private training and proctoring for groups of ten or more. We invite you to call or email to discuss scheduling.

Our Training & Exam Proctoring Services

About our TICO Pre Exam Prep Courses
Normally one course a month is scheduled. Please email for the next available course date..

 We offer a choice of three training courses:

1. Travel Counsellor covers Modules 1-5 in the TICO Study Manual. Training is from 9:30 am – 3:30 pm.

2. Combined Travel Counsellor/Supervisor Manager covers Modules 1-9. Training is from 9:30 am-5 pm.

3. Supervisor Manager only
 covers Modules 6-9. Training is from 3 pm – 5 pm.

Prep Course & Proctored Exam:

For those registered in either our Travel Counsellor or Supervisor Manager Prep Course, it may be possible to write the online exam same day following the Course providing you book your exam with TICO at least 14 days prior. Otherwise, the exam may be booked for the following week. Confirm date, and exam time with the Proctor in advance. For more info: Instructions & Registration Form

For those in the Combined Course, the exam may be written the following week since the Prep Course does not end until 5 pm thus it is too late to start the challenging exam which may take up to 150 minutes/2.5 hours.

Exam Proctoring Only:
Generally we proctor exams once a week. Before registering your exam with TICO, it is essential you email our office and confirm a date and time with the Proctor. Keep in mind, TICO requires at least 14 days advance registration for exams with no exceptions.

Please click   read, and print before contacting our office. Answers to commonly asked questions are provided along with Step by Step instructions to ensure correct procedure is followed for exam registration with TICO; our Pre Exam Prep Course; and Proctoring service.

Registration & Payment:
Due to limited space, immediately we confirm your seat in our Prep Course and/or proctoring for your exam, call or email to book a day and time to visit our office and bring your Registration Form and payment>

Our Course fills quickly, call or email TODAY to reserve your space.

About the Trainer

Louise Blazik Hon. DHM, CTDP, CTM is a certified training and development professional with over twenty five years’ experience in education and the travel and tourism industry.

Louise has specially designed a TICO Pre Exam Prep Course providing real business examples to help the participant best understand content in the TICO Study Manual.

It is in the understanding – not memorizing – that helps with retention of information and transfer of learning. This ensures the candidate is prepared to write the online exam. We invite you to read our testimonials from those that took our Prep Course.

List of Exams We Proctor

Travel College Canada is an approved proctored venue for the following exams:

1. TICO – Travel Industry Council of Ontario
2. ACTA – Alliance of Canadian Travel Agents/ E-Merit CTC (Certified Travel Counsellor) & CTM (Certified Travel Manager) Knowledge Exams
3. CTGA – Canadian Tour Guide Association
4. British Columbia Travel Insurance
5. Saskatchewan By-Law

Client Testimonials

We are very grateful to those who have kindly taken the time to write about their experiences after taken the course. Participants often express appreciation for the many invaluable examples and explanations offered by our instructors. These have helped them best understand the material, boosting their self-confidence, and providing them with the motivation needed to pass the exam.

“The TICO Prep Course was excellent, it was beyond my expectations and I will refer this training session to my colleagues.”- Syed

“I wouldn’t change anything. It was an excellent experience. I’ve learned a lot from Mrs. Blazik in very little time. Excellent teacher” – Betsy

“Walked into the class with no former background experience in the field, walked out prepared and confident to write the TICO exam. Louise was excellent” – Janice

“The prep course was very helpful made me understand more about TICO, plus Louise explain everything beautifully. It was so helpful” – Leticia

“Trainer was very knowledgeable not only the TICO subject but about the travel industry as well. Learned a lot.” – Eunyoung

“I had a great time at the TICO Pre Prep Course, the trainer Louise Blazik was knowledgeable on the subject; the content was well organized and easy to follow. The overall training session was fun, engaging, and excellent.”– Christopher

“Excellent job, the exam Prep Course was engaging, the quality of instruction was excellent, and the training room was suitable and comfortable.” – Sheikh

“Thanks to you, I passed the TICO Travel Counsellor exam and am now eligible to sell travel in Ontario. I felt so confident in your program that I completed the exam literally in 20 minutes and passed! The knowledge was so vital in the exam, but also vital in knowing why we have TICO and how to sell travel right.” – Paul Cadiente

“Louise, I just wanted to personally inform you of the great response my travel agents had after your specially designed TICO prep course. I have arranged many classes over the years and my agents mentioned they have never experienced such professionalism. They truly appreciated the way in which everything was organized and most importantly the way in which the classes were delivered. As you know with over 60 agents it is not always easy to please so many. However they were all delighted and truly enjoyed the content of the classes. I am pleased to pass on this good news to other organizations” – Gary Unsworth


We hope this information has been useful. If you have a question that is not answered above, please check out our FAQ page by clicking here. If you have any further questions, please call us at 416.481.2265 or email us at info@travelcollege.ca