Travel Industry Training

We offer a wide range of on and off-site customized training courses, workshops and seminars to:

  • Impart invaluable knowledge to those new to the Travel & Tourism industry
  • Enhance skills for those currently working in the Travel & Tourism industry
  • Learn effective Marketing & Sales strategies
  • Develop long-term successful career

Training sessions are fast paced and highly interactive and engaging. Many of our programs ranged between 3 hours and 3 days and offered at a competitive price.

Along with theory, real business and life examples are presented to ensure participants gain the understanding necessary to ensure newly learnt knowledge and skills are applied to the workplace.

      By the end of the training sessions your organization will gain the following benefits:

    1. Highly trained professionals in the field of Travel & Tourism
    2. Outstanding ROI (Return on Investments)
    3. Strong team-building creates harmony in the workplace
    4. Increased staff loyalty and productivity

To arrange a training session, we welcome your call: 416.481.2265 or e-mail:

For general corporate training please visit our associate website Canadian Centre for Skills Development for more information: .